The Lighthouse (A24)

From Robert Eggers, the visionary filmmaker behind modern horror masterpiece The Witch, comes this hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven)

Thousands have been murdered or gone missing in Mexico's ongoing violent drug war. The result is many orphaned children living on the streets caught in the unceasing cartel crossfire. In her third work of immense beauty, pain, fear and joy, writer/director Issa López tells the magical story of five such urchins making the best of their daily struggle to survive. Perfectly balanced between harsh reality and the fantastic, this unflinching cautionary fable is part Pan’s Labyrinth and part City of God.

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin

American Masters presents the Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin, the first documentary on the trailblazing writer who shook the world of literature, defying gender norms, societal expectations and patriarchal gatekeeping. It airs August 2nd on PBS and will be available for streaming through the PBS Video App.

Root of Evil

Root of Evil is the companion podcast to TNTs limited series I Am the Night—but it 100% stands on it’s own and is no way secondary to the television series. Hosted by Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile (the great-granddaughters of it’s main subject, Dr. George Hodel) it is the true story of the Hodel family told by interviews with Hodel relatives and unearthed archival audio. There is so much that happens within this one family, that I cannot do it justice by trying to succinctly summarize here—just know that it involved the notorious 1947 Black Dahlia murder in Los Angeles and that’s only a morsel of the whole sick and disturbing story. Listen to it where you subscribe to podcasts or here.

NPR Tiny Desk: Lizzo

Lizzo left her Fresh Air interview to put on this incredible “tiny ass desk” (–Lizzo) performance at NPR. In a world where auto-tune is just everywhere, Lizzo performs the hell out of three of her songs: "Cuz I Love You," "Truth Hurts," and "Juice." Her interaction with the audience is magical—just wait for the crying baby part. 🤣

My Favorite Shapes

Comedian and “Space Prince” Julio Torres (Los Espookys) examines his favorite shapes — yes, that’s right — which include a plexiglass square, an oval that wishes he were a circle, a self-conscious cactus and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Each of his shapes contains multitudes, which Torres explores with fantastical stories and humorous anecdotes. Airs Saturday, 08/10 at 10:30p on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

Atoms Sneakers

It was really nice to find these non-branded, super comfortable, quarter-sized (Did you know that most people have slightly different sized feet? I am not one of them, but I did find the 10.75 fit better than the 11) sneakers that are true black and not a shade of gray (looking at you fellow super-comfy sneaker brand Allbirds). They ship three pairs to you in _very_ impressive packaging that alone should get an award for engineering. You try them on, find the right fit and put the remaining two pairs get shipped back. I am about a month in to owning a pair and although I found the fit to be a bit slim width-wise, I would recommend them.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I’m not really sure why anyone thought it was okay for me to watch The Dark Crystal as a child—upon many rewatching, it’s not really meant for children as it is fairly scary—and don’t even get me started on the thinly-veiled metaphor of the Skeksis stealing the life essence from the innocent and child-like Podlings. That being said, it didn’t do any lasting damage that I’m aware of and I’m very, very excited to see this very ambitious prequel. This making of/preview trailer showcases the mixture of practical effects and seamlessly mixing it with CGI in a way that makes it feel like very much like a modern-day Jim Henson production. Look for it on Netflix on August 30th.

Los Espookys

This largely Spanish spoken HBO series (which was just renewed for a second season) follows the adventures of Los Espookys—a group of friends who form a service that helps clients stage paranormal events. The group is led by horror-obsessed Renaldo who enlists his friends Úrsula (in startup terms: the project manager), her sister Tati (series co-creator Ana Fabrega) who steals most of scenes she is in (she’s brilliant), and Andrés, the (maybe real-life spook) heir to a chocolate empire (played by Julio Torres). Bonus: Fred Armisen is a recurring guest star as Tico, Renaldo's parking-valet legend uncle.

2019 Braun LE Speakers

Braun announced that they are partnering with Pure Audio to revive the iconic Dieter Rams-designed LE speakers. The new LE speakers will make their debut at IFA in Berlin, Germany this September. Fun fact: It’s “rumored” that the LE speakers heavily influenced the design of Apple’s iMac. See any resemblance?

Years and Years

This six-part limited series by Russell T Davies, BBC and HBO follows the Lyons family through a tumultuous 15 years in a post-Brexit Britain. Each episode (airing Mondays on HBO) jumps a year or two ahead as we enter an elevated reality where we see a world made unstable by politics, the economy and technological advances. Be warned that while brilliantly written and conceptualized, this is a difficult series to watch (anxiety level: Chernobyl) so maybe don’t binge it—take small bites.