Honda Urban EV

Sadly, Honda’s upcoming electric urban vehicle (the big reveal is at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show on March 7) isn’t coming to the US, but it’s dashboard is stunning.

Everything Little Thing

This is hands-down my favorite podcast—and trust that I listen to lots and lots of them. Host Flora Lichtman creates such a compelling and entertaining storyline no matter the subject. I think you should listen to all of them, but if you want just a taste, one of my favorites (and the first I heard) investigates how old Winnie the Pooh is.

Cheerios' "Right on Tracks"

These 4 animated shorts are just what I needed to see this week. Reminiscent of the “Schoolhouse Rock!” series, it’s wonderfully utopian and liberal. The short “It’s All Family” shows the wide range of families in American society including those with single and divorced parents, same-sex couples, adopted and foster children, and more. In “Step Up” we learn how to deal with bullies—the “Hit it Larry!” part made me lol. In the end, we are reminded that “bullies need love too.” So do yourself a favor and watch all four of these gems.


SnarkPark is coming in exactly one month to NYC’s Hudson Yards. If it’s anything like last summer’s “Fun House” exhibit at DC’s National Building Museum, it’s sure to be a playground just ripe for all the ‘gram posts you could ask for in one setting. Tickets are available here.

Real-life Tom Ripley?

Handsome face. check
Graduated from Oxford. check
Loves French Bulldogs. heavy check

While this sounds like the ingredient list for the most ideal Tinder match for me, it also is a good time to quote Samantha from Sex in the City “Honey, if he seems too good to be true, he probably is.” In Ian Parker’s New Yorker article (could be categorized as a small novella imo) we discover that yes, Dan Mallory is in fact too good to be true. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the literary world and possibly a preview for a reboot of “Making a Murderer.”

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Roger’s Heard It In A Past Life might be my favorite album of 2019 so far. I was mesmerized and obsessed by Falling Water when it showed up on my Spotify Discovery playlist last year—I had not put two and two together with that Pharrell video that went viral last year, nor have I seen the barefoot SNL performance yet. While I’ve been listening to it in it’s entirety, two personal standouts are Back In My Body and Retrograde, the latter really gets me out of bed in the morning. Listen to it here or via Spotify.

The House of Flowers

Also known as La Casa de las Flores for those Spanish-speakers. It’s like Pedro Almodovar adapted Desperate Housewives and made it his own. This series has it all—a narrator, a scandal (actually multiple scandals), a shocking death, a secret gay character, secret marijuana pipes, a not-so-secret trans ex, a burlesque bar, a nosey neighbor, a secret child and so much more. Drop what you’re doing and watch at least one episode on Netflix.


Olivia Colman. Where do I begin? (Full disclosure: I’m in love with her and would watch her doing her taxes.) She’s such a genius actress. She deserves an Oscar for The Favorite and a BAFTA for this series. Coming in a very close second is the creator/director/writer Will Sharpe. (WHY IS HE NOT A HOUSEHOLD NAME!) His role as Shun is layered and beautiful and the writing, as you will see, is the same. Just watch it on Netflix and then let me know how much you liked it, okay?